Monday, October 14, 2013

Download codes

A quick note to offer a huge thanks to those of you who bought the Roj single. It's very hard to break even on these things and your purchases mean that we're not just pissing in the wind. Thank you.

Apologies also for not being on top of things recently in terms of some records ending up in the shops without download codes. We're trying to rectify that this week now that film shooting is done.

A wonderful thumbs-up from fellow blog, A Sound Awareness for the Roj single and the description on Amazon from a punter sums up the record better than I could:

The two tracks on this 45 contain very little in the way of standard verse-chorus-verse pop structure, yet they're both supremely melodic and conjure up imagined memories of a 1971 Czech version of The Clangers, or maybe a mysterious short wave art-music radio broadcast from some dark corner of the past. Full of soul and essential listening for fans of Broadcast's more drifty, Sartie-esque moments.

The Xylitol record is ready and should be out very soon. A review here

The other three records should all be out by Christmas.

In other news, I asked one of the actors from 'The Duke of Burgundy' to pop into Sister Ray on my behalf and deliver the 'Morgiana'/'Cremator' soundtracks to me during the shoot. Finders Keepers teased the life out of me by advertising the release in early 2011, but here it is and every autumn leaf falls to the ground for those melodies.


  1. Pretty sure that Amazon reviewer meant "Satie-esque."

    I ordered mine from Rough Trade, and there was no download code included.

  2. Hello Gregory, just called up about this and download codes now exist. is the person to email and he can send a code. Hope it all goes OK.

  3. Just emailed Keith. Thanks, Peter!

  4. Peter, How can I get Roj's code? I have bougth my copy at Best, Matías

  5. Hello Matias, sorry about the inconvenience. is the person who can email a code to you.